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Mat-O-War to return!

Fabulous news today: the fantastic gaming mat “Mat-O-War” will be available once again from Antenocitis Workshop starting in around 6-8 weeks time.

For those who don’t know about the Mat-O-War it is a compressed static-grass flock sealed with a special resin that results in a flexible mat of compressed static grass. The mat actually improves with age as it becomes more flexible yet will not shed at all. Its use of traditionally coloured flock/static-grass mean you get a green or beige surface absolutely perfect for wargames and an extremely rugged and durable cloth that can survive many, many years of club gameplay and rough treatment.

The mat can also be washed and by doing so, softened, so that it can be used to conform to bumps and curves, indeed one customer washed his mat repeatedly with fabric-conditioner until it was completely soft and could be easily draped over books and objects to form hills etc: and this did not impact the durability or quality of the Mat-O-War at all.

Many clubs who bought a sample came back to order many additional mats for club-use and are still happily and successfully using them, and you can still commonly see Mat-O-War mats at conventions and competitions.

It is difficult not to enthuse about the Mat-O-War as it is so very, very far ahead of any other gaming mat in terms of looks, durability and price… you can even paint on to it to form roads and rivers, or wire-brush areas to produce grassy areas with longer “tufts”… just look at some of the images below to get an idea of the mat.

Both the green and beige varieties will be coming back and we cannot do anything other than to heartily recommend that you buy some as soon as it becomes available. We do not have a fixed price as yet but we are hoping that it will be the same price as previously or very close to that price (and bear in mind it is close to 2 years since it was last available). We are looking at having fixed prices and stock at the end of October into November for when we move into the new premises…. and in time for Xmas where a Mat-O-War would make an excellent Christmas present.

This mat is good, very, very, very good, and we are truly delighted that it will be back in production and available again!

(Thanks to Piers and the Veils’ Edge blog for the images)

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