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Microscale Micro Set

Microscale Micro Set

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Micro Set is a very versatile decal setting solution that does several things to the Microscale Decals to improve application. Micro Set should be applied to the surface of the model where you will be sliding off the decal. Micro Set prepares the surface with special wetting agents that cuts the oils in new paint and converts the adhesive on the back of the decal to a stronger and more lasting one. And finally, Micro Set slightly softens the decals film to make it more flexible so that it can conform better to the model's surface. Better adhesion by the decal to the model prevents tiny air bells from occurring and results in an invisible carrier film or the so called 'painted on look'. Apply the Micro Set using a soft brush to the the area where you are going to place the decal. Then slide off the decal. Using a soft pointed tip synthetic bristle carefully position the decal. Blot the decal carefully with tissue so as not to move it and allow to drive overnight. It is then ready for a protective coat of Micro Coat Flat,Satin or Gloss.
1oz bottle
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