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Milliput Black

Milliput Black

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Milliput Black - Milliput is a two-part epoxy putty that behaves very differently from Green Stuff. It is actually fairly water soluble when wet (like modelling clay) but very hard when cured. It can be filed and sanded easily, but is quite brittle, making it not very durable. Some sculptors actually use a 50/50 mix of Green Stuff and Milliput to get a compromise between the hardness and durability of the two mediums. Milliput actually comes in a few grades, including Superfine (white), Standard (yellow-grey), and course (terracota). I have used Superfine White, but the Standard Yellow-Grey will work just as well for most figure applications (at almost half the cost of Superfine White). Obviously, Milliput is a hard putty.
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