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New G.O.T. concept sketches and the T-PEA faction vehicles

We are slowly building up two of the major factions in the G.O.T. ‘verse so that each of them has a full range of vehicles – the Technosphere Peace Enforcement Agency (T-PEA) has now had all of its “slots” filled with concept artwork which includes two of the eventual three tank-slots.

The two following sketches were done by “Flying Debris” who was the artist behind the very popular “Komodo” carapace armoured suit and show-off the sci-fi method of locomotion for these first two T-PEA tanks, namely “Track-ball”.



This places a multi-directional “ball” at the end of an “arm” or “Leg” enabling the vehicles to rotate that ball in all 3 dimensions and the arm, or leg, itself to also be moved in 1 or 2 axis, resulting in a highly manoeuvrable system of locomotion (via whatever science-fiction “Handwavium” technology).  The above “Light Tank” concept will be integrated with elements of the Medium Tank below to give an idea of continuity of design and manufacturing between these two tanks:



The third and final tank in the T-PEA faction will be substantially different, both in terms of size, weaponry and locomotion and we will show some of that concept later this year.

To further flesh-out the faction though we will also be including the GTK scout:



The Harrier Dropship:

Harrier Dropshipand the unmanned recon vehicle the “VipeR”

Harrier UGV


Combined with the existing Hunchback, Warthog, Warthog ADV, Vampire Grav-Bike (which is being re-mastered) and the Commando jet-bikes, this will give the T-PEA all of their core ground vehicles. In the Air they will then have the Harrier Dropship, the Firefly (already out) and the New Bloodhound “Grav-opter” which is yet to be seen….resulting in their “core” set of vehicles.

These will then all be mirrored in 15mm and, eventually, 6mm.

Everybody wants to know time-scales and time-scales are the most difficult thing to judge – what we can say is that the Dropship will only be able to be produced via Crowd-Funding and we aim to have a Kickstarter that deals initially with the Dropship before the end of this year…how much else gets rolled into that Kickstarter, as stretch goals, is not something we an answer but it is certainly possible that all of the above could be rolled into it.

Either way, and regardless of Kickstarter funding, all of these vehicles are now “officially” in the pipeline; those needing additional concept artwork ahve been sent off for that, 3D artists (where Jed is not available) have been located and things are now moving forward… if only slowly, but the future will hold quite a few nice shiny, sleek sci-fi vehicles in more than one scale.

And that cant be bad.