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New prices for GOT figures and Vehicles

I have just updated the prices for the Governance Of Technology figures and vehicles.

In almost all cases this has dropped the price, figures have moved form an average of £4.00 per figure to £3.30p and we’ve shaved money off almost all of the vehicles.

The change has been bought about by a combination of factors, increased production room (we can cast faster now), lower material costs on resin (bulk purchase discounts) but primarily the major factor was our dropping any distribution pricing system. We had been in talks with 3 overseas distributors to get the GOT line into retail stores however after over 15 months of too-ing and fro-ing we could not reach the point where we could actually make any money from distribution. On top of that we have struggled to keep pace with our own orders and production, so being able to cope with distribution demands was likely to be impossible.

The decision was therefore taken to forget about distribution and stick to retail sales and offering a limited number of retail outlets our products with retail discount (not distribution discount). The result is cheaper figures for the customer although with regard to the vehicles, whilst individual prices are almost all cheaper we have had to drop tiered pricing offers.

The new figures and vehicles will be added to the store over the next few days, but existing stock have already had the price adjustment completed.