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New Prices, Loyalty Points, Abandoned Baskets, Postal Rates, Moona and GDPR

We’ve finally found the time to make a number of very much-needed upgrades to the shopping cart and store and that means changes to postage rates, prices, marketing, loyalty points and more.

Loyalty Points:

We’ve introduced a loyalty system on to the shopping cart – you can now earn “Wilma’s”   (named after our beloved idiot-pooch-dog “Wilma” as seen in the photo).

You can earn Wilmas from making orders, on your first order and from posting reviews to the website. You will also soon be able to earn Wilmas from Social Media interactions, on your Birthday, on your Store Anniversary, via referrals and in a number of other ways that we will build up over time and let you know about. Wilma’s can be spent up to a value of 15% of your cart total and can be used alongside discount Coupons.

It’s not a huge amount of money but every little bit helps and we wanted some way to say “Thank You!” to our long-standing customers.  As such we’ve back-dated loyalty rewards to April 1st 2020 and any of you who have placed orders since then, posted reviews and such like, will have some Wilmas waiting in your Wallet (Check your “My Account” page for more details).

New Postal Rates

We have simplified some fo our postal rates to make things easier for you to understand and, in some cases, cheaper. Brexit and Covid19 have both radically affected postal prices, and I do mean RADICALLY.  Some of our old Freepost options are simply no longer viable, particularly to Australasia and SEA, but Brexit ahs also kicked a few European destinations into touch also. Changes had to be made.

USA and Canada:

Shipping is now a flat rate of £7.00 for all orders under £70.00.
Orders over £70.00 are now FREE POST.

So, at current rates, that’s roughly $10 USD shipping until you spend $100 USD at which point shipping is free.


“Europe” now covers a core set of nations that share the same postal rates: Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway.

These countries will share the same postal rates as the USA: £7.00 (~€8) flat rate on all orders up to £70.00 (~€80) and then FREE POST.

Rest of Europe:

The rest of Europe continues using the old rates however FREE POST is no longer available via the shopping cart, anyone with substantial orders should contact us by email for a tailored shipping rate and discounts.

Rest of the World:

Similarly, the RoW is also on the “old” shipping schema and FREE POST options are no longer available. The shopping cart never coped very well with orders over 2kg and most large orders, particularly MDF weigh a lot more and are over the standard Royal Mail pricing schemes, so for anybody with a substantial order please just email us and we will calculate shipping for you manually. We are sorry that this cannot be automated and sorry that the Freepost bundles have gone, but we were not making any money from them and even losing money due to shipping charges in many cases. We just can’t afford it.


Our resin costs have gone up by 27% in the last month mostly due to Brexit. Our resin and silicone came from Italy and a combination of CVOID and Brexit (postage, customs etc) has ramped those prices up alongside a “scheduled” increase in prices by the manufacturer. We have now sourced new resin from India, it still costs more than we were paying before, but not as much more.

MDF supply was also problematic for a while, particularly 2mm which comes from Spain, unsurprisingly Brexit and COIVD have also pushed up prices.

Thus, our costs have rather dramatically changed and so we have gone over most of our prices for both resin and MDF… however, we have made savings in production and streamlined a few things to reduce costs elsewhere, and we’re taking a hit on profitability to actually reduce a fair number of products. As such you will see a mix of prices rises and price reductions depending on the product.

Abandoned Baskets and Marketing:

We don’t do much marketing, we don’t send out mailshots and such, but we really do need to as it does make a difference.

So we’ve added some marketing modules to our cart and you may now start seeing and receiving marketing offers from us – NOT from third-parties. We do not give your details to third-parties ever and thus any and all marketing material will be about AW from AW.

This might include special offers, discount vouchers and reminders of pending cart orders which may come in the form of emails or popups on the website.

If we do not have a valid email address for you then the cart will ask you for your email address when you try to add an item to the cart – this should only happen once per session at most, should not happen if we DO have an email address for you, and should not happen again if you click the “no thanks, just add the time to the cart”.  If you experience issues with this popup please let us know – we’ve tested things but there’s a lot more of you than us, so you get to test it more than we do!  🙂


You may have seen a new checkout option for “Moona” in the cart.  Moona runs a membership-discount scheme which offers you immediate discounts with stores based on a subscription with them. They are a relatively new start-up and do not offer pay-day loans or advances such as Klarna and the like. It may be interesting to some of you and we are running it as a trial, I’ve not used it and can offer no recommendation either way…. but it can give you an instant £5.00 discount for free (assuming you cancel your Moona account before the end of the first free month – which they have told us they expect a lot of people to take advantage of and don’t mind at all….)


We’ve changed to a more advanced GDPR module for the shopping cart and have updated our Terms & Conditions. You may need to re-authenticate your cookie-consent as a result.

And…. that’s about it for today.

Thanks for your time, please let us know if any of the new features are playing up or causing you any issues at all.