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New products for February – Arabesque Bases, Metro Terminus and Avalon Tri-Ads

This months sees a whole slew of new release on our website.

The Arabesque bases are new city pavement and roadside bases with a distinct Middle Eastern theme. Perfect for a Haqqislam army, or even Druze and Kaplan mercenaries.

The bases are highly detailed resin, and come in the sizes of 25mm, 40mm, 55mm, and 70mm. All base sizes except 70mm are compatible with our compass bar system for denoting line of fire.

Heres is an example of the Arabesque bases, in 25mm variety:

We are also releasing 4 new laser cut and MDF products this month, the Avalon Tri-Ads ‘Small’, Avalon Tri-Ads ‘Large’, Metro Terminus and Stop Signs, and the Deus Roller Mk. II.

These are new streetside products to help bring your urban table to life, and block different lines of sight on an Infinity board. These products feature, pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic, highly detailed resin and photo quality image prints.

The Deus Roller Mk II is a new improved version of the Deus Roller that was released as part of the Game Box kickstarter. This version has been improved both functionally and aesthetically, functioning both as a scenery piece and as gaming aid. By removing the top of this scenery element, and dice roller is revealed, allowing you to roll dice down the inside of the Deus Roller.

Please refer to other posts on our blog for assembly instructions for these products.

Happy gaming!