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New Silflor / MiniNatur New Grass Tuft Products

silflor mininatur 73736 6mm winter tufts

Two great new products from Silflor / MiniNatur today: Winter Tufts and Desert Tufts

Desert Tufts:

These are a very dark shorter tuft as the base with longer shoots of a very pale grass extending up from them: the result is a very realistic “burnt” grass tuft that will look exceptionally good on desert bases and scenery.

silflor mininatur 737-28 4mm desert tufts

Winter Tufts:

I have to say that the photographs of these do not do them justice and these Winter Tufts, comprising of a medium-dark shorter tuft, very long pale shoots and super-fine flock, produce a stunning tuft that is near perfect for representing frosty, winter grass – these really do look as though they ahve an early-morning winter frost on them and the pictures tend to make the flock look much more obvious than it does “In the hand”.

I can honestly and heartily endorse these tufts as perfect for winter grasses.

silflor mininatur 73736 6mm winter tufts

silflor mininatur 73736 6mm winter tufts individual tuft