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New vehicles for Infinity

We have four new vehicles for Infinity the Game, now available on the online store:

Tucuxi Senna: Scenic version priced at £7.50p:
Original design ©Haishan Deng.
Painted by Tom Schadle

Tucuxi Senna AWI30006

The Senna now also has its official Scenery Profile:
Tucuxi Senna Extended AWI30006

The Tucuxi “Pushmi”, named after Doctor DooLittles two-headed Llama – this vehicle can be setup in the “muscle-car” format as seen in the images, or you can move the wing mirrors, tail fin and exhaust so that it is driving in the other direction. This is a non-scenic version with separate wheels, exhausts, tail-fin and mirrors. Price £9.50p
Painted by Tom Schadle

Tucuxi Pushmi AWI30010
The Pushmi also now has its Scenery profile:
Tucuxi Pushmi Extended AWI30010


The Marrua Federale is a heavy-weight Police Interceptor for Urban streets (many of which in Infinity have under-floor wireless charging and mag-lev support) Price: £9.50p
Original design ©Dmitri Popov
Painted by Tom Schadle

Marrua Federale AWI30007
Its Scenery Profile shows its somewhat more resistant nature:
Marrua Federale AWI30007 Extended

And finally the Taruca Lautaro: a rugged all-terrain vehicle sued for surveying and exploration, capable of 1-2 person or UGV operation: £15.50p
Original Design ©Pascal Eggert
Painted by David Woods

Taruca Lautaro AWI30029

Taruca Lautaro



All of these can be found in our Vehicle section on the website 


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