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New Website and Store coming soon™

Hi everybody,

Yes, I know! This new website has only been up for 4 months and we’re changing again?!

The truth is that it really hasn’t worked very well. It makes buying awkward, often breaks down, sometimes doesn’t let you even place an order, and it loses your emails to us all the time. Its also buggy and unreliable and the support on it is truly atrocious (its called Click Cart Pro and we strongly  advise people to avoid using the UK or EU versions of it as the support company is terrible. The US version is fine though and supported from the USA by a much more reputable and reliable company.)

As such it has to go and we are going to replace it in its entirety with a better cart system from a reputable company.

Sadly this inevitably means a period of transition and some downtime over the next few weeks or so. We will be trying to shift over the customer database with your details and order history but this may not be possible, but more on that nearer the time.

In the meantime we are stopping updates to the cart on this software and concentrating on the new one which, we hope, will be significantly better.