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Ordering issues in early January (now resolved)

In early January there were a number of technical difficulties placing orders whereby the order process was not completed due to a time-out, or the data received post-payment was not relayed correctly to our store system from the payment gateway: this resulted in a number of duplicate orders as well as payments for orders going through but us not knowing anything about them as they did not appear on our systems.

We’ve been told by the IT management company that these issues have now been resolved, however if you believe that your order has not been processed, you have not received a confirmation email, or you have been double-charged for an order, please get int ouch with us ASAP (

We believe that we have now covered all of those orders with errors, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are affected by any of the above issues.

“Christmas Post” has now been completed following our return on the 7th January – orders form the 7th January onward are now being completed.