Billboards – Rooftop Signs (10)

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Billboards – Rooftop Signs (10)



Billboards. The future is not necessarily a dark and dangerous place… it will probably be filled with advertising and rampant capitalism. These Billboards are an easy way to spice up your gaming table, adding colour and flair to your buildings. Designed to be magnetised to the roof of a building, or the side of a building (see images), the Billboards provide modular partial cover, allowing you to place a sign where you need it, or remove a sign where you don’t. This enable you to reduce of increase the dominance of snipers and other hard hitting units in various areas around the battlefield.

Billboards (Rooftop signs) are a set of 10 signs, made from MDF and glossy photo-print paper. The signs are design so that magnets can be slipped into the bottom and into the back. No need for gluing, as the magnets will hold themselves in place whilst holding the sign. This allows the person to pick the roof of a Undertown building using its screwed in air-con units, and have the signs still attached an unmoved on the roof. Magnets are not provided.

Instructions for Billboards can be found here :

Note : Billboards can takeup to a of a 12mm x 5mm disc magnet. Please build and check yourself before purchasing magnets to avoid mistakes.

View our Undertown promo movie here.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 220 × 295 × 4 mm

1 review for Billboards – Rooftop Signs (10)

  1. mirjeki (verified owner)

    Good little kit for adding roof/wall detailing & rooftop cover.

    The MDF parts are easy to put together, and you can easily affix magnets horizontally or vertically, meaning you could have them as wall mounted signs or roof mounted signs. I suspect most people will go for roof mounted, because they might cover up windows otherwise, but it’s still doable.

    It comes with a high-quality printed sheet of sci-fi brands/logos. They look really great, and the MDF backing for them matches the shape of the logos, but some of the shapes are quite awkward to cut out, so a proper craft knife & steel ruler are required.

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