Cage’s Capsules

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Cage’s Capsules



Cage’s Capsules. In the style of Japanese capsule hotels, “Cage’s Capsules” is a low cost place for a travelling citizen to spend the night. Just about large enough for one person to lie down, each capsule is fitted with all the comforts of home, such as air-conditioning and holo-vision. Cage’s Capsules is a rectangular 3 story building, featuring an office space with service hatch and lift/elevators on the first floor, and two levels of capsules with twin lift/elevators and two corridors each.

Cage’s Capsules follows the design features and style set out in the Undertown Kickstarter. This includes a flat roof without a cover giving lip, walls that don’t have buttresses, windows that can be covered, hinged doors that can open and close, and internal walls and scenery. Cage’s Capsules features a front double door and a rear door, an internal wall with service hatch, and corridor giving access to the front, back and office.

Cage’s Capsules is a complete kit with pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic, and photo-print signs. The MDF follows a grey and green colour scheme, with grey on the external wall faces, and green on the internal wall faces. It also uses large amounts of reverse-etched acrylic in internal cavities, which gives the user the possibility of LED lighting up the inside of the building (not provided).

Instructions for Cages Capsules can be found here :

Approximate Size:

  • Length : 230mm
  • Width : 140mm
  • Height : 190mm

View our Undertown promo movie here.

Additional information

Weight 1530 g
Dimensions 230 × 140 × 190 mm


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