Cargo Lifts

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Cargo Lifts



Cargo Lifts, Designed for Infinity. This is a set of 2 ‘Cargo Lifts’, designed to be fully usable with all Habs in the Forward Base range. Sometimes accessibility of the battlefield is a concern, and Cargo Lifts provide the perfect way to increase this whilst still maintaining the look and feel of Forward Base.

Each Cargo Lift has a wide enough area to accomodate up to 40mm bases. They also have 4 height settings, allowing you to raise your trooper to the required height, including going high enough to access the roof of a single Forward Base Hab. The Cargo Lifts can each be positioned against a wall of a Habitat, or even front of a door. The unique design of the Cargo Lifts allows access to doors on Habitats, an even has a level of the lift available for travelling up and down to the door.

Cargo Lifts come as a set of 2 lifts, and are made from pre-painted MDF, laser cut acrylic and acrylic rod.

Each Cargo Lift measures 70mm x 72mm x 105mm.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 70 × 72 × 105 mm

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  1. Farmer (verified owner)

    Crisp clean paint jobs. Excellent laser engraving no detail lost.
    Easy to follow build instructions and advice.
    Highly recommended.
    Beautiful terrain pieces.

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