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Concrete Wall

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Concrete Walling. Many parts of the Undertown are separated by modular concrete walling, made by one of the companies belonging to Pheonix Industries. These walls are thick, high density concrete, and are incredibly resilient to the harshness of the life in Undertown, but have a tendency to split District 378 into a maze of narrow streets and hive-like alleyways. Often capped with broken glass and barbed wire by the local authorities to make them unclimbable, this concrete walling sections do their job in protecting buildings and segregating the populace.

Concrete Walling is a set of 10 long wall sections and 8 short wall section. They are made from pre-painted MDF, high quality resin and laser cut acrylic. The long wall sections are 105mm long, and the short wall sections are 59mm long, meaning that end to end, this set can make 152cm of walling. The concrete walling could be placed in one single long snaked line, but often is better split up into multiple smaller sections for a specific purpose, such as creating a car park at the back of a building, or adding an L-shape to the edge of one building to create an asymmetric shape.

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Weight 690 g
Dimensions 345 × 245 × 30 mm

2 reviews for Concrete Wall

  1. jleykam (verified owner)

    Lovely kit! Very useful for breaking up big fire lanes and adding a bit more interest to tables that are otherwise rectangular buildings. You’ll be surprised at the difference one pack of walls can make to the density of a table.

    Note that despite the resin bottom, these can be a little bit light and prone to bumping or knocking over.

  2. ultrauk (verified owner)

    Highly detailed design and I love the broken glass effect scattered along the tops of the walls, keep them out or keep you in its suprising how much these look like concrete when painted up, superb.

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