Construction Barriers (8)

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Construction Barriers (8)



Construction Barriers. Protection of construction sites and road works is important, intrusion by the public in those places is often hazardous or harmful. Construction Barriers provide the means of shielding these works from public access. Using the latest in day-glow holo-lighting, Construction Barriers are a vivid and unmissable yellow stretch across a road or footpath.

Construction Barriers are a set of 8 laser-cut acrylic obstructions. Providing partial cover to S2 models, these barriers can be placed anywhere in the battlefield to add extra cover to open areas. Made from two different colours of acrylic (yellow bodies and black feet), these barriers are covered in warning signs, reverse-etched in various languages (4 unique barriers).

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 210 × 70 × 8 mm


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