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Flats. The more affluent citizens of Metro 378 live in Flats, rather than the Tenement complexes that are so prevalent in Undertown. These Flats have much more spacious housing than the Tenements, giving a single resident the entire floor to himself. The technological superiority is clear to see too, as lift takes residents to their desired floor and even gives access to the roof. Flats are a 3 level building, with each floor having one large open plan apartment and an access corridor with connected lift/elevator. 

The Flats follow the design features and style set out in the Undertown Kickstarter. This includes a flat roof without a cover giving lip, walls that don’t have buttresses, hinged doors that can open and close, and internal walls. Flats has two rooms on every floor that have a hinged door giving access to the corridors.

The Flats kit is comprised of pre-painted MDF and reverse-etched acrylic. The MDF follows a grey and gold colour scheme, with grey on the external wall faces, and a dull gold on the internal wall faces, door and window frames.

Instructions for Flats can be found here : http://www.barrule.com/blog/flats-construction-guide/

Approximate Size : 

  • Length : 220mm
  • Width : 140mm
  • Height : 230mm

View our Undertown promo movie here.

Additional information

Weight 1030 g
Dimensions 220 × 140 × 230 mm


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