Hanging Signs – Set 2 (6)

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Hanging Signs – Set 2 (6)



Hanging Signs. The future is bright, and the future is advertisement. On every available surface, companies will try to shove their products into your eyeballs, and the streets are often so crowded with them that they clog up the streets and views of the city. The Hanging Signs offer a unique way to spice up your gaming table, and provide useful line-of-sight blocking modularity. The Hanging Signs are intended to be magnetised, allowing you to add them to building where the board it too open, or remove them if they prove to be too much.

Hanging Signs Set 2 are a set of 6 double sided signs, made from pre-painted MDF, laser cut acrylic, and glossy photo-prints. The signs are designed so that magnets fit into the base, and this allows them to be joined to the wall by placing an opposing magnet on the other side of the wall. Magnets not provided.

Instructions for Hanging Signs can be found here : https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/hanging-signs-building-instructions/

NOTE : The Hanging Signs can take a maximum magnet size of 15mm x 2mm. It may be better to buy magnets after purchasing Hanging Signs in order to measure yourself and make sure your magnets fit.

View our Undertown promo movie here.

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Weight 190 g
Dimensions 220 × 295 × 7 mm

2 reviews for Hanging Signs – Set 2 (6)

  1. jvvrhovac (verified owner)

    Awesome to add flavor and color. I used a magnet to hang on the side of a building which made transport easier as well.

  2. ultrauk (verified owner)

    A great idea from above using magnets for transport (stealing that idea) , this set definately includes an advert which whispers Miranda to me so as a devout Firefly fan fossil, I had to buy them and gorram it if they dont all look shiney !

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