Merovingienne Sectorial Decals

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Merovingienne Sectorial Decals

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Merovingienne Rapid Response Force (MRRF) Sectorial Decals, Designed For Infinity.

These decals have been designed for the Merovigienne Sectorial of Infinity, and should be sufficient to cover a Merovigienne Army army, and more besides. The decal sheet has been designed to cover the ‘Availability’ of each troops unit badge in a Merovigienne army, enough Merovigienne faction badges to cover at least 70 troops, badge edge decals to number the edge of bases on troops with a higher availability or fireteam options, and even larger sized decals for larger models (such as TAGs or S5 Heavy Infantry).  This sheet also includes ‘extras’, small decals that contain text, unit numbers, unit markings, and ‘background’ based iconography, suitable to the sectorial in question.

Our decals are produced with a brand new technology that isnt yet widely available and is higher quality than traditional water-slide screen printed decals. Our decal sheets feature full colour printing, with no limits on colour variation including white, opaque finish that will remain vibrant when placed over any painted surface, and micro-precision cutting 0.2mm around the edge of the decals saving you from cutting it out yourself. Note that these decals are not traditional water-slide decals and should not be treated as such. The decals will need to soak in water for a few seconds before being removed with tweezers,  but will not freely float off themselves. Please check the technical details page for further details.

Click here for a Youtube video of example use, applying decals to a model

Click here for a Youtube video of example use of a large sized decal

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