Samsara Explorer

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Samsara Explorer

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The Samsara Explorer is a Sci-fi resin vehicle, Designed For Infinity. Based on the original design work by Topo Solitario, and created for the Forward Base Kickstarter, the Samsara Explorer is now available for your gaming table. The Samsara is a large rough-and-ready vehicle, perfectly at home on an desert or forest table. The Samsara is good as a line-of-sight blocking piece of scenery, due to its size, and can be used to hide S2 sized infantry models, amongst other things. This is the ‘Explorer’ variant of the Samsara, and comes with a Sensor Ball on top, perfect for scanning and plotting the wilderness that the Samsara is good for roaming.


Original design by Topo Solitario

Painting by Ginger Tim

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Weight 450 g


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