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SOMP Pharmacy



The SOMP Pharmacy. Even the seedier parts of the Human Sphere still need places for citizens to buy prescription drugs, and the ‘South Ocean Medical Products’ Pharmacy caters to this need. SOMP Pharmacy is single-story L-shaped building with secure drug area and rear office, plus store area.

SOMP Pharmacy follows the design features and style set out in the Undertown Kickstarter. This includes a flat roof without a cover giving lip, walls that don’t have buttresses, windows that can be covered, hinged doors that can open and close, and internal walls and scenery. SOMP features a front and a rear doors, and an internal wall with service hatch, which stop troopers from walking all the way from the front to the back of the building.

SOMP Pharmacy is a complete kit with pre-painted MDF, reverse-etched acrylic, and photo-print signs. The MDF follows a grey and white colour scheme, with grey on the external wall faces, and white on the internal wall faces.

SOMP Pharmacy does not include graffiti on the pre-painted surfaces, graffiti decals can be found elsewhere on our site.

Instructions for SOMP Pharmacy can be found here :

Approximate Size :

  • Length : 230mm
  • Width : 275mm
  • Height : 65mm

View our Undertown promo movie here.

Additional information

Weight 695 g
Dimensions 230 × 275 × 63 mm


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