‘Undertown’ Bundle

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‘Undertown’ Bundle



A large bundle of some products from the Undertown line. This bundle includes :

  • Hac Tao Tattoo
  • Whiskey Jacks
  • SOMP Pharmacy
  • Metro Police Station
  • Cage’s Capsules
  • Stepped Tenements
  • Tenements
  • Flats

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2 reviews for ‘Undertown’ Bundle

  1. jleykam (verified owner)

    It’s an expensive table (and you probably want a little more than just this bundle to fill a 4×4), but I think the undertown set is still the best urban style terrain set you can get for infinity.

    Every building has been designed extremely thoughtfully with respect to gameplay. Windows are intentionally placed to not be too fiddly, interiors are easily accessible and useful with internal walls to break up large rooms. I’ve literally had 2 whole turns of a game take place entirely in the metro police station, as my opponent and I went room to room, floor to floor, trying to control the building. It was a fun, thematic, and interesting experience of the sort I have never had with any other terrain.

    The prepainting is also lovely as a base coat. Use as is and it’s a fine look. Add a little weathering and you can really elevate the look of this terrain into something spectacular.

  2. Jason Manning (verified owner)

    If you weren’t a competent modelmaker before, you will be by the time you build the last kit in this bundle.
    I’d strongly recommend reading the instructions and dry-building before using glue.
    Well designed and perfect for Infinity.

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