Undertown Isometric Gaming Mat (1800mm x 1200mm)

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Undertown Isometric Gaming Mat (1800mm x 1200mm)

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NOTE! : One mat bag per order

A 2mm thick neoprene-backed cloth faced gaming mats, Designed for Infinity with a subtle sci-fi design, usable for most 28mm – 32mm sci-fi gaming, or near future or even modern tabletop games.

Sized at 1800mm x 1200mm to comply with Infinity rules (Metric sizes as per rules – approximately 6×4 in Imperial).

Neoprene gaming mats are a good addition to any gaming table, allowing you to theme your board to city combat. The mats have been scaled to fit seamlessly with our Urban Hex-bases and also work well with other partner products. They are also designed to work with our buildings, scenery and vehicles and with future projects such as “Midtown”, “Uptown” and “Plaza”.

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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 1260 mm


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