Warthog ADV (15mm)

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Warthog ADV for 15mm scale sci-fi wargaming.

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The Warthog ADV (Advanced) is the next-generation development of the highly popular Warthog Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle.

It?s redesign shows the logical development of the various key aspect of the original vehicle, but makes it stealthier, adds variable-height suspensions, 4 wheel drive, 4-wheel-steer and with a variety of top-hatch modifications.

It carries very little armament but has integral launch-pods for stealth drones and an un-manned semi-autonomous TIP (Thermal Induction Pulse) light-cannon for localised self-defence.

It is stealthy with active-absorption panels and armoured with the latest of the MIB Carbon-composite armours. It is powered by a micro fusion generator and has a E-sink battery system for “running silently”. It?s ability to ?prong? allows the vehicle to raise itself over substantial obstacles and let its sensor look over walls and other obstacles and the same suspension system also gives it a very smooth ride.

1 driver/crew, up to 3 passengers with external stowage area to the rear, it has fording and swimming capabilities with deformable tyres and tread and is NBC environment capable.

The Warthog ADV does not share the same level of protection as the Warthog (MkI) and is more cramped and carries less firepower. It also lacks the original Warthogs ?S.H.I.E.L.D.? system which, whilst incredibly effective, caused serious power issues. The Warthog ADV is advanced in all other areas and is proving immensely popular with both T-PEA and T-DF troops as the favoured MRAP/ARV.

(UKS forces have applied for acquisition of the model however it appears likely that the M.O.D. will instead opt for the lower-TQ ?Bulldog? rather than have to jump through the lengthy bureaucratic hoops of the Agency purchasing systems.)


Pressure-cast resin, white-metal kit


With thanks to Jim Dobbler for his inspirational artwork.

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