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“Prowler” 4×4 – USIMF Kickstarter

US-IMG Kickstarter:  Due 31st July 2017:   (Follow us here: )

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The Prowler is a large and rugged looking 4×4 vehicle, with an automated turret for close support.

Dimensions of the 28mm vehicle are:
Height 55mm
Width: 59mm
Length: 126mm

Dimensions of the 15mm vehicle are: 
Height 28mm
Width: 29mm
Length: 63mm

Each vehicle is sized carefully to work with the top-ranges of figures in the respective size/scale brackets and is cast in our high-quality Vac&Pressure cast resin.

Vehicles are unpainted and require assembly.

The Kickstarter will allow you back the project in different ways, each affecting the price of the individual vehicles – generally the larger the pledge the greater the discount.

A few shots of the “Prowler” 4×4 recon vehicle for the upcoming Kickstarter.