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Remaining Undertown Surveys release in 24 Hours

The close of the Undertown  Early Access Surveys and the start of the remaining surveys is only 24 Hours away.

There are still 2 Backers who need to fill in their survey but there are also 8 Early Access Backers who still need to add their pledge postage and 3 who need to add the Game Mat postage. This will need to be completed by 17:00 GMT tomorrow to make sure you retain your guaranteed early delivery date.

The Remainder

The remaining surveys will be released at 17:00 GMT tomorrow (20/01/17) and these surveys will be open for 1 week too. At 17:00 GMT  on 27/01/17 all surveys will be locked down and charged in order to generate our production schedule. Surveys completed after this date will be added to the end of the queue and therefore may not be delivered during the currently stated delivery period.