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Roc Dropship now Available in-store.

The Roc Dropship, originally created for our successful Kickstarter campaign, and now available for everybody.

This is a highly detailed multi-part resin vehicle, specifically designed to fit within the Infinity universe, created by Corvus Belli.
The Roc is intended as a dropship for the Haqqislam, and is therefore noticeably lower in ‘technology level’ than our Azure Dragon Dropship.
This shows in the large jet engines and a shape that is a lot more square and traditional aircraft looking when compared to the Azure Dragon.

It can function either as a large piece of line of sight blocking scenery, perfect for an ITS game, or even as an objective for your force to fight over in friendly games.

The Roc is supplied with clear cast resin canopy and highly detailed multi-part resin hull.

Original design by Shaun Mooney, painting by David Woods.

The Roc has free shipping, worldwide.
(The cart will automatically select the Roc for free shipping, for other shipping discounts please register an account and set your country)


The Roc Dropship is now available at retail – with Free Shipping and also currently extra-discounted in the Summer Sale.

£112.50p inc VAT £93.75p ex VAT