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Rough Day at Antenociti’s …

Lots of new abrasives in the store today.

Firstly some very simple and standard Wet & Dry abrasive sheets from Naylors. Standard stuff really, 48pence per sheet, sheet size 230mm x 280mm.  Wet-sanding is usually far preferable to dry-sanding, not only does it give you a better finish it also prolongs the useful life-span of you abrasive sheet and it helps keep down unwanted particulates from the sanding getting into the air that you breath.

Secondly some very nice hand-belt-sanders from NWSL in the USA. NWSL (North West Short Line) are very well known in the railway modelling world for producing tools ideal for the model railroader, but most are also ideal for the modeller and wargamer, particularly the scratch-builder or master-maker.

The sanding belts are uniquely designed to fit into the hand and give you lots of control over where you are sanding and how much pressure you are applying. They Are also shaped to allow you to get different effects depending what part you use, and the belt construction allows you to rotate the belt around the tool as you use, so that you can keep using fresh belt without having to change the paper.

Its very clever, simple to use and very effective, which really is typical of NWSL tools.

On that note we’ve taken re-stocks of the Chopper 2 and the True Sander, both excellent tools, the True Sander being in the list of “Ten things I Cannot do without”: It may seem low-tech, obvious and simple, but the radical effect it can have on the quality of your modelling cannot be overstated.

You can use the True Sander with normal sandpaper but the Naylors Wet & Dry is what I use, with a sheet of each different grit on each of the 4 side-panels of the metal True-Sander block, which means there is no need to swap out different sheets and you can go from heavy sanding to very fine sanding with one tool.

If you had only one tool to buy, to make detailed and highly accurate kits, buildings, models, scenery and the like, then (I suppose after a good knife!) this would be at the top of my list. It really is exceptionally good at a lot of jobs and worth every single penny for keen scratch-builders, fine-sale modellers, master-makers and the like.