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Sandy’s Gun World is open for business

Sandy’s Gun World, our latest Survival building

A large highly detailed pre-painted building for Survival, Sandy’s Gun World features a fully playable interior, opening doors (internal and external), removable floors and a unique look. Looking like a quintessential middle-American gun store, ‘Sandy’s’ has a red brick front with barred windows and armoured doors, giving it an imposing look. This building is meant to represent a looted and empty gun store, complete with empty shelves and empty gun racks.

Sandys Gun World is pre-painted and weathered MDF, acrylic and card building, and just needs gluing together. This is a large building, measuring 252mm x 212mm x 180mm, and is a two storey building with removable roof. Sandys Gun World is perfect for Zombie Apocalypse or Modern wargaming.

Decals available separately. Miniatures for scale purposes only.

Available here :