Shipping costs.

Shipping is a perpetual and difficult issue for webstores and customers alike: As a customer it's a nuisance to find that your bargain purchase is no longer the bargain you thought it was when you get to checkout and, as a store, you hate to lose an order because the automated shipping system gave out a wonky cost when you could have offered a much better rate “in person”.

Some items are cheap to ship, others are surprisingly expensive. It is generally a result of weight but more and more often postage cost is significantly affected by size or shape.
In wargaming our products range from etch-brass detail sheets that will fit an envelope to 2 meter tubes of gaming mats that won’t!

We do not want, or expect, to make any profit from shipping fees: that approach doesn’t help sales and we don’t work that way; keeping shipping prices as low as possible is what works best for everybody and that is what we try to do.

That said, an automated shopping cart is really not expert at working out the best shipping rates for you (or us): it is OK at small, non-bulky items under 2kg and under a certain size (generally anything over 30cm starts to be an issue)... but as soon as bulky or heavy items get thrown into the mix then it starts to have kittens and becomes progressively less helpful.

So, if you ever run into a shipping fee that is high please take the time to email us via the contact us page and ask us to re-calculate your postage options.

Before doing that though please read the next couple of paragraphs!


Our standard packaging is, wherever possible, re-cycled cardboard, packages that are fragile or should not be bent will be marked with warnings stickers as appropriate.
Although we do package items for free you will also find some additional packaging options on some products which you can chose to add to your order to help ensure that they arrive in perfect condition; these are new rigid packaging boxes and not recycled packaging.

Postage Holding Fees

In some cases the shopping cart cannot work out the best shipping service for your package. This is most likely to occur if the order is comprised of mixed items such as aerosols and large sheet materials, or if you are overseas and your package weights more than 2KG.
In such cases you may see an option of "Holding Fee - We refund Excess". This means that we will look into the best shipping options for you, then contact you with those prices to arrange delivery, we will then refund any excess postage fees paid by you, or due to us, where applicable.


Import Duties and Taxes:

Import Taxes (outside the UK); Antenociti's Workshop Ltd is not responsible for any charges the customer may have to pay in taxes or customs duty. We suggest customers contact their local customs office to establish what additional charges may be incurred on importation.

Timed Delivery Services:

Services that have a timed delivery, such as Special Delivery Next Day, DHL Home 48 and so forth, are timed from their date of dispatch and not from when the order is placed. 
We do not dispatch items on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturday or Sunday other than by special arrangement.
All orders are expected to be filled and dispatched within 28 days of receipt of order.


Natural Products & Customs Seizure:

Some items we sell are made from, or consist of, natural products that may not be legally imported into certain countries and/or states. We ask that customers check with their local Customs service to ensure that such items are allowed into their country or state before placing an order with us. We endeavour to mark any such items as being potentially at risk however we cannot be held responsible for seizure of such items as it is impossible for us to know the import restrictions of every product for every country.

We would like to draw the customers’ attention in particular to items such as our Ivy Leaves, Leaf Litter and Realistic Reeds, as well as items such as Lichen and other natural products such as Seafoam and Forest in a Box.

Missing Packages

Royal Mail classify a parcel as being missing when it is 15 working days later than the due date. The "due date" is typically regarded as between 3 days after postage for first-class mail, and a working week depending on the class of service: thus usually giving a total of 20 working days, or four weeks, from dispatch.

We cannot make a claim for a missing parcel until that time has passed - Royal Mail will not allow claims made before that time. As such if your parcel is late then please contact us to let us know once the appropriate time period has passed. We will then make a claim for you (which can take up to 6 months to handle by Royal Mail) but rather than have you wait for that long we will send you out a replacement parcel to the value that it was insured for.
Also please note that unless you purchase additional insurance then the maximum value that Royal Mail insure a package to is is £36.00 and that is the maximum that you can be refunded.
The only thing required from you, the customer, is to provide us with a written, signed, statement that the package has not arrived and including the value of the package, your name, address and the date dispatched by us along with the current date (must be a minimum of 20 working days after the dispatch date).

(Please note that you will be required by Royal Mail to sign documentation confirming that a package has not been delivered and that false declarations may be reported to the police.)
If your package is late you may be able to claim compensation yourself directly from Royal Mail. This is usually in the form of 12 First Class stamps or a cheque for £5 or £10 depending on the severity of the delay. 
You must make any application for delay compensation yourself, although we are happy to provide you with a copy of the dispatch notice that you will require as proof of posting.
You can find more details on the Royal Mail website here

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