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Silflor / MiniNatur Reference

Silflor / MiniNatur products in the Uk were, for a long time, sold under a monopoly where a single a single outlet sold the products and they radically inflated the costs to maximise their profits.  They took normal sheets of Silflor, cut them into quarter sizes, and then almost doubled the prices. This resulted in Silflor / MiniNatur being extremely expensive within the UK and, as the tufts were removed from any form of proper packaging; they generally arrived squashed and damaged.

Antenociti’s Workshop broke that monopoly in 2006 and since then we have consistently offered the best prices in the UK and provided the original items in their proper, original, packaging to help them arrive with you in the same state that they left the factory in Germany. Indeed we also add in additional rigid packaging to make sure that you get exactly what you paid for: Silflor / MiniNatur items, in their original state and at the best prices in the UK.

If you are in the UK then you may have been buying Silflor in small sheet sizes of 6″ x 4″ (15cm x 10cm); 24 square inches or 150 square centimetres. Silflor should come in semi-rigid clear plastic boxes and the sheet size should be closer to 15cm x 40 cm (600 cm2) – or even 30 x 22.5 (675 cm2). Want to see what a proper sheet looks like and how they should be boxed?

Full size sheet of Silflor ~ 30cm x 22.5cm (Figure is 28mm on 30mm base)


A note on names:

Some retailers re-badge the MiniNatur products and give them different names, Army Painter and Scenery Express being two examples. Army painter tufts hide completely that they are Mini-Natur, whilst Scenery Express simply uses different names, presumably ones that they feel are more suitable for the USA marketplace. This can, inevitably, be somewhat confusing, however Scenery Express does at least keep to the correct codes as used by the German Manufacturer. This means that regardless of name you can match samples easily by using the reference codes – “Spring” end in a 1, “Summer” end in 2, “Early Autumn” in 3 and “Late Autumn” in 4.

e.g. Scenery Express (USA) list a product called “4/6 MM LATE SUMMER BUFFALO GRASS “SILFLORETTES”” – this has the code 73733, which is Mini-Natur product 737-33. It ends in a 3, so it is the “early autumn” variety as deribed by the original manufacturer….so just remember that the different shades simply go 1,2,3,4 regardless of what name of season is on the pack.

Small packs always end in an “s”, thus 737-33s, is the small pack version of the above product.

Sadly ‘Army Painter’ do not list the product codes on ‘their’ tufts; then again they don’t want you to know they are Silflor, as Silflor is half the price of their product!
So with Army Painter tufts you have to guess, although the colour matches below should enable you to do this with relative ease.


We have also provided the wargamer with the best references for Silflor / MiniNatur tufts, weeds and other products, by providing detailed close-up photographs where the quality and size can be judged properly and as shown below:

Image shows 2mm, 4mm and 6mm Tufts with a 15mm wargames figure for scale.
Colours are, from left to right: Spring, Summer, Early Autumn and Late Autumn

2mm Silflor Tufts alongside a 15mm wargames figure.


4mm tufts:

4mm Spring Tufts

4mm Summer Tufts:

4mm Early Autumn Tufts

4mm Late Autumn Tufts

6mm Tufts
6mm Spring Tufts:

6mm Summer Tufts:

6mm Early Autumn Tufts:

6mm Late Autumn Tufts:

4mm Two-Colour Tufts (Buffalo Grass in the USA)
4mm two-colour Spring Tufts:

4mm two-colour Summer Tufts:

4mm two-colour Early Autumn

4mm two-colour Late Autumn

6mm Two-Colour Tufts (Buffalo-Gras in USA)
6mm two-colour spring

6mm two-colour Summer

6mm two-colour Early autumn

6mm two-colour Late Autumn

Another silflor/Mininatur reference for you which covers the blossoms, weeds and crops.

MiniNatur is known as Silflor in North America and sometimes alternative names are given to each product, however the various codes remain the same, so if you use the code you should always end up with the correct item.

First up is a general picture of a field I made to demonstrate the different new bits:

Crop Rows / Agrarian Land Strips

These are the new(ish) Silflor/Mininatur Crop Rows. These are made from the “Horsetail” ribbons that Silflor sell for making fir tress covered with a fine leaf flake material.
They come in 4 varieties, spring, summer, early and late fall. I dont have the late fall version on this field as it is a bit too red for my tastes but it is the same as others but with a reddish/brown leaf flake.

These come in a couple of sizes codes 766-21, 766-22, 766-23, 766-24 which are all roughly 4mm tall, and then 766-31 to 766-34 which are about 6.5mm tall and use a larger leaf flake.
The larger version is OK for 28mm wargames (1/56) but too big for Flames of War stuff (1/100-1/120) – the 4mm stuff you can see below is spot on imo.


Next up are the new “weed-tufts”/”weeds”.

These are the grass tufts covered by leaf flake again, so exactly the same as the crop rows except in distinct tufts. My personal opinion is that these are great and they work excellently as tufts of weeds, small scrubby bushes and even individual crop clumps. Again they come is two heights 4mm and 6.5mm, the 4mm variety (codes 725-21 to 725-24) being best for Flames of War.






“Blossom tufts” / “Flowering weeds” / “Flowering tufts”

Next up are the blossom tufts. They changed the name of these from “flowering weeds” but they work well as wild flower tufts for fields and hedgerows, flowers in gardens and so on and so forth. Again the two distinct heights 4mm and 6.44mm and again the 4mm type is best for Flames of War (codes 726-21 to 726-24).

These are labelled by using the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Autumn system, however this is a bit of fudge and what they are is a bit more complex:
Firstly comes the height of the grass used in them: 726-2* being the 4mm tall version. Secondly comes the colour of the grass in the tufts: Spring = 726-*1, Summer = 726-*2, Autumn = 726-*3, late autumn = 726-*4.
Finally comes the colour of the blossom which isn’t actually listed, however the packs come with different colours of blossom for each “season” and those colours are mixed with white in each pack to give you a variety of different colour per tuft in each pack..

As an example, and as you can see below:

726-21 is spring 4mm tufts with Yellow and white blossoms.
726-22 is summer 4mm tufts with red to white tufts
726-23 is sutumn 4mm tufts with lavender to white blossom
726-24 is late autumn 4mm tufts with deep purple/brown to white blossom.

The 726-31 varieties are identical but using 6.5mm grass tufts, and are thus a bit too big for Flames of War (15mm / 1/100) imo.


I hope that this is as useful to people as the Silflor tufts reference, the below image will give you an idea of the heights agianst a FOW STUG: the grass strips are 6.5mm tall, the wall about 13mm.

Silflor / MiniNatur competitive products:

There are now a number of competitive products, some of which we stock and some of which we don’t. The ones we don’t stock are those that we have sampled and found to be either sub-standard or more expensive than original Silflor / MiniNatur.

Furthermore some companies re-box Silflor / MiniNatur products, attach their own brand name to those products and then ramp-up their prices.

Army Painter tufts are a good example of this having been re-named with titles such as “Highland Tufts” but which are just Silflor tufts but at twice the price!

Please be extremely wary of such products claiming to either be superior or better value – they most certainly are not, and should there ever be a competitive high-quality alternative to Silflor / MiniNatur then we will definitely stock it!

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