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Site Move and new staff

As part of the upgrade to the shopping cart the entire site and its supporting domains (wordpress and domains) will be moving over to a new  host in the next few days.

As with all domain changes this may have effects on you being able to get to the website, or portions of it, the blog here and possibly the shopping cart.

So, for the next week (possibly 5-10 working days) please be aware of potential disruption and an inability to see certain parts of the website. In a similar vein you may experience difficulties with checkout during the transfer period, however, please note that at no time will the security of the website or your transactions ever be at risk: the process is secure it just takes the various DNS servers around the world a few days to all catch up with the domain changes.

As soon as the move is complete, and indeed during it, the shopping cart system is getting a much needed overhaul and upgrade to the latest stable version of its core software and we will be looking into fixing all the little niggles with the system, particularly the issues with loyalty points and checkout. Once those are fixed we will then be introducing a couple of new systems to make managing your accounts easier and tracking and using your loyalty points.

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In the meantime the move into the new office units has been completed and we’re happy to announce that we have taken on a new full-time member of Staff: Katherine Edwards.

Katherine will be joining Jed in the sculpting and prototyping area of the business which will help us reduce the time it takes for a product to go from concept to being in-production.