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Spicy Pupniks Mobile Food Cart

Spicy Pupniks Mobile Food Cart

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Street food can be found in abundance in Undertown, with many vendors selling their wares directly out of carts or trucks. 'Spicy Pupniks' is the same, a fleet of small 3 wheeled Bayakan Trikes pull along a food cart for making the popular 'grill-iscious' Pupnik-dogs, made with 100% authentic Pupnik meat. Whilst not as infamous as the Fast Panda Food Truck, Spicy Pupniks still has a good reputation for not giving much food poisoning along with their suspicious sausages. 

Spicy Pupniks is useful for providing small amounts of partial cover in game, but still looking perfect for a city board or road. The Spicy Pupniks will definately spicy up your gaming table. 

The 'Spicy Pupniks Mobile Food Cart' is unpainted resin and acrylic product consisting of a small car and a food stand. These pieces have bases attached to them to make them more stable and increasing 'playability' in game. The food cart is made up of a food cart body, food cart roof, and clear acrylic frame. 

All parts a provides unpainted and unassembled.

1 x  unpainted Spicy Pupniks Mobile Food Cart consisting of the following:

  • 1 x Trike-Car with Base
  • 1 x Food Cart with Base
  • 1 x Food Cart Roof
  • 1 x clear acrylic roof support structure.
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