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T-PEA Md-Tank Concept art finished

This is the final concept art for the medium “trackball” tank.

The inspiration behind this piece is from original work by Flying Debris, anime inspired with the rather unique “trackball” method of locomotion – each of the trackballs can rotate in any direction (just like the ball in old-fashioned computer  mice) allowing the vehicle to make some very unusual moves, such as moving sideways, turning on the post and so forth. Each trackball arm can also move up and down and the trackballs themselves are mounted on a lower-able chassis allowing the tank to “stand-up”  giving it the chance to clear high obstacles, then lowering back down on the other side.

Its a slightly whacky idea, very anime and we totally love it, a big nod with the huge twin-cannons to an Appleseed style of weaponry also…. guns! BIG guns!

This will now go off for 3D design and we’ll keep you updated of progress on here, twitter and facebook.






Medium_Trackballtank_fr_re Medium_Trackballtank_Hull Medium_Trackballtank_sideview2 Medium_Trackballtank_tower