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Tata-Dodge Matador AirCar

The Tata-Dodge Matador AirCar (28mm) is now available in-store priced from £12.50p for one down to £10.00 each for 3 or more.

Overseas customers will have VAT deducted giving prices around £10.40 – £8.50p each


Length: 115mm

Width: 64mm (max)

Height: 26mm (max)


The Tata-Dodge Matador is the first successful commercial vehicle that utilise A-Grav lift & propulsion. Although not the first A-Grav powered vehicle it is the first to achieve proven commercial success mostly in its intended usage as an Air-Taxi.

The bulky generators are positioned at the four corners of the aircar powered by a small fusion reactor in the rear of the vehicle, taking up the majority of the internal space but leaving enough seating for a driver and four passengers, three on the rear bench-seat.

The high-tech requirement and maintenance had originally put off many investors but Tata-Dodge persevered with subsidising Taxi-Companies over a period of 5 years, proving during that time, that maintenance costs were exceptionally low and that “fuel” economy was beyond any other similar-use vehicle.

Whilst notoriously slow to accelerate its ability to “fly” over any road obstacles and, indeed, to go entirely off-road, has proven to be immensely popular with passengers who invariably discovered that going “as the crow flies” meant much shorter travel times than much faster land-cars that were restricted to prepared roadways.

Initially utilised as VIP Taxi’s the Matador has started to percolate downwards into regular Taxi usage and is becoming a fixture on many planetary systems across the Technosphere with even a few (illegally acquired) vehicles turning up on Earth.

An open-top version of the Matador is planned for release in the near future.

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  1. Surely part of the expense would be a pilot’s license for the driver, and/or air-space rated software and comms! Perhaps a limited AI that can attempt to guide it to open ground if the vehicle is crippled?

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