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Telephone & E-mail out of action

Our telephone and email are both dead I’m afraid.

We had no warning of this at all, as it appears neither did a few thousand other customer’s of Talk-Talk who are in the same situation. Talk-Talk are apparently transferring all old “Tiscalli” customers on to their network for which the telephone and broadband may be down for at least 24 hours. It took me over an hour just to get through to their customer services! Obviously this means that we cant get any email or take phone calls, which means we cannot process orders at the moment.

Please accept our apologies on this, clearly there is nothing we can do about it other than send a rocket up Talk-Talk but their (Indian) Customer Services team weren’t even told about the changeover and only found out when their lines went red-hot today.

Hopefully things will be sorted out by TOmorrow morning.