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The old Blog is dead, long live the new!

Well I am afraid to say that our Alfold Arms old blog has suffered a fatal loss of data, so my hopes of moving all of the old data over to this one are deceased along with that slice of our history.

As such we are left to start from scratch again, although this time it looks a bit sleeker and should be a bit better organised!

I will add the address of this site to the “old” webstore; this may be a bit confusing for some user but as the new store will be going live before the end of this month it own’t take long to get used to things. The key to remember though is:

1) The WORKING webstore is still at – that store will remain live and the only place yuou can get an order through with us until the end of this month.

2) The new NON-FUNCTIONAL  webstore is at, that will go live at the end of March (pending any disasters). In the meantime you can browse it and even make an account, but as it is still being tested those accounts may be deleted during various updates and upgrades.