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UK Free-Post extended

We have now extended UK Free-post to work in the following fashion:

1) Be a registered member of the site

2) Spend £10.00p or more on AW products

3) Order cannot include large sheet materials, Mat-O-War or gaming tiles.

4) Other items (non-AW) in the order will go free-post.

We’re going to let this run for a few weeks to make sure that it functions well, then we will extend the offer to International customers also.

Our aim is to provide Free-Postage wherever it is economically feasible, so this means excluding any items that will significantly distort the postage costs, such as very large items (Foamed-PVC sheet, Gaming Tiles, Mat-O-War) or restricted items (Aerosols{for non-UK or non-Mainland}) or other items that may result in the postage costs being beyond our capability to subsidise.

As such we will be keeping an eye on orders to make sure the new system is workable and in cases where it isnt we will get in touch with customers to make any alterations to the order (if required).