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Undertown Early Access Surveys Are Progressing Well

I’m very pleased with the swift response to the Undertown Early Access Surveys being completed on BackerKit. We only have 2 left to go. If they are completed before Friday then the rest of the surveys can be released early.


However, please don’t forget to add postage for both your pledge and any game mats you’ve ordered. Postage needs to be added like any other add-on as it cannot be calculated automatically. 

To add postage enter all of your ordered items onto the spreadsheet that is linked in the description for the postage add-on. Then select your region and the total weight of your order, then click add to cart.

As it stands there are 10 Backers that haven’t added pledge postage and 4 are missing their Game Mat postage.

Please don’t forget to do this as until you have we can’t lock down your survey and start to process your order.

Individual Buildings:

A few people have asked during the early access surveys about the availability of the individual Undertown buildings during the survey. It was decided that as there isn’t a large availability of the buildings that we would limit them to only be available if you didn’t have it in your pledge. This was decided to try and give fair access to as many backers as possible to all the different buildings.