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#Update 30 – Undertown Mats have arrived

9 ton of rubber matting has *just* arrived – lorry couldn’t get into the car park and the (Chinese) pallets were incompatible with the driver’s lifter…. so we’ve had to carry them off the lorry to the frontage.. and then up 3 flights of stairs …

Just got them packed away – going to be half an hour before we get a chance to check any and post back later… as we’re a bit puffed-out atm.

It does look, at this point, as though the mat-bags have not been included in the shipment… but I need to contact China and ask them if they might have packed them in with some of the matting boxes… there was no manifest included, so impossible to say atm without unpacking every single box.

When we’ve recovered we’ll do some checks and get back to you all.