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US-IMF December Update #1

Hi everyone,

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of updates over the last month or so – we’ve not been having any issues with the Kickstarter, however, our personal life (Nadine/Jed/Family) has been impacting work as we’ve been tied-up with a very serious issue that has taken a lot of our time away from work….

Without going into gory details we’re dealing with the police, helping giving statements and needing to look after the kids… it’s complicated and I don’t think you need to know the details other than apologising for it stopping us having time to do a serious update for you over the last couple of weeks.

It’s also on-going, however, Ben and Chris are beavering away all the time and keeping on top of things at the office.

So, moving on:

At this stage in the KS there isn’t much to say and show other than keeping track of completed work…

Everything is ticking over nicely with USIMF – we’re actively working on the following physical models: Bison 15/28, Wolf 15/28, Growler 15/28, Buffalo 15/28, Prowler 15/28 with all 3D work finished and everything printed

Eagle and Kestrel are in the 3D queue and almost done – they’re moving into print shortly.

Legion 3D work has also started on 4 of the models.

Bobcat is moving into the moulding stage and the Bison and Prowler are soon to follow.

As soon as the Bobcat is moulded and first casts are available I will assemble a model and get some pictures for you – it’s pretty big, so the Mastodon will be massive!

Our other Kickstarters are all on-schedule, Undertown is wrapping up and we’re about to start dispatching the Roc models (on schedule) and the “Efreet” Kickstarter is due to start this month. As such none of those Kickstarters will be impacting work on the US-IMF as everything is on-schedule…

Our Form 2 3D Printer is working wonderfully, we do not yet have the “Wash & Cure” systems as these have been delayed with production issues at Formlabs, however that isn’t impacting our production as we’ve found alternative methods and built our own “UV Cure system”.

Which makes this a rather dull Update in many ways!!

I will post more once we have some cast models to show you.