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US-IMF Kickstarter – September Update:

And we’re off…

To bring you up to speed on progress:

1) Money received
We’ve received the money from Kickstarter and we’ve setup and paid for Backerkit.

2) Paypal Backers:
Paypal Backers will receive an invitation to BackerKit on the 29th September.
If you backed via Paypal and have not received an invitation email by 6th October then please contact us by email or via social media.

3) Form 2:
‘Form 2’ 3D printer is purchased, delivered and up and running successfully.
We’ve already printed the Hydra gun and are working on the 28mm Wolf parts as we speak.

4) Survey:
The survey is planned for the end of this month (~29th September) and will last for two weeks as per the T&Cs in the Kickstarter.

5) Estimated charge date for any additional funds/items (ordered during the survey period in BackerKit) is 17th October 2017.

Please note: this only applies to additional items added during the Survey period – it is not for items from the Kickstarter.

If that date is awkward for anybody then please let us know and we can arrange for an alternate charge date – Do NOT email us about this yet though, wait until you have been invited to and have joined BackerKit, and then notify us. (We can then add it to the notes on your account)

You will get another notification regarding this before we make any charges for BackerKit items. Do not panic.

More information will follow later this month.

KS Updates will now also be published on our blog and social media.