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Vampire Rider

We now have the “proper” rider for the Vampire Grav-Bike, which I’d like to show everyone although it wont be available until possibly SALUTE.

Before we get to the pictures though I just wanted to say something about the Vampire bike: Yes, it is VERY big. It was always intended to be BIG, very big…

What we were trying to show with both the Vampire and Werewolf was fledgling technology “anti-gravity” requiring brute force and raw power for it to function, these weren’t to be refined, sleek machines like the Norton Scout and Commando (jet bikes), they were ugly, brutish, stupidly powerful and highly dangerous.  You didn’t ride these bikes so much as cling-on for dear life while praying, indeed calling them “bikes” may be a terrible case of bad labelling… but it seemed appropriate.

The figure you see next then, gives a true representation of how much of a Brute the Vampire is, and why it is “famous” in the ‘Verse for being “all-but unflyable” without the aid of near-AI computer assistance.

Like so many of the things used by the (G.O.T.) Agency its use as a military vehicle is as much about showing-off what it can do, as it is about military practicality: they are designed to intimidate “technologically”, as much as they may (appear to) be militarily rather suspect.