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Website and Store Software Updates + move.

As some of you will have noticed we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the website and the backend-store. Whilst most of these issue were very minor, taken together they have made the shopping experience less than ideal and so we have taken the decision to move away from our current IT host and Support company to move to another.

Over the next few weeks we will be running a beta-website behind the scenes to iron-out the current technical issues and then once those are dealt with the website, blog and other associated tech-elements will move to a new IT hosting & support company.

This will inevitably result in a short period of downtime which we will announce nearer the time, and after release some features may be absent or changed until such time as all the glitches are resolved.

Primarily in this “big-fix” the Loyalty points system will be migrated to a much better software package which gives us more control over the system and allows us to also offer more events and bonuses tied to the loyalty point system. Nobody will lose loyalty points (indeed many will gain some!) and after the move the loyalty points system will be working properly and actual subtract the value of points, rather than adding them to the cost !( Although this was only a graphical issue – the points were deducted properly, just displayed wrongly) it will now run properly and show correct totals). It will also allow us to look at and adjust any points that are lost by the system (although that bug should also be fixed in any case).

We’ll give more details nearer the date of the move, but at least now we know we can get these niggles fixed by a more capable IT support company, as well as making a lot of improvements to the overall system in the long term.