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We’ll pay you to register!

Isn’t it a pain that every website that you go to nowadays tries to get you to register an account and enter your details, meaning you have to do so over and over again across dozens of websites? Sadly there is no easy way around it as we need to collect that information from you to work out postage and other things, but, yes, we do know that it can be a pain to do it.

What we’ve done here at Antenociti’s Workshop is introduce a Rewards system that you can start using the moment after you register an account with us:  If you register an account with us you instantly get 20 reward points which works out to £1.00 to spend on your first order; in effect we’re paying you a pound for the hassle of setting up an account!  So sign-up now and then shop with us to get £1.00-off as well as being then eligible for further Rewards and inclusion in our future promotions an special offers!

Rewards System Details;

We operate a rewards system for a variety of events on the website.

As a registered customer you can take advantage of these rewards for discounts on your purchases at the store. You can earn reward points for the following:

1) Registering a new account: When you register an account with us you receive 20 rewards points

2) Buying products: You will receive 1 reward point for every £1.00 spent

3) Reviews: You receive 10 reward points for each validated review that you post.

4) Referrals: You will receive 10 reward points for each person you refer to this store upon their first order

5) Being referred: If you have been referred here by an existing customer then you will receive 10 rewards point when you register an account with us and make your first purchase.

Reward points can be spent upon checkout and you receive £1.00 for every 20 points.
You may use up to 200 points per order with us.