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We’re Back!


The new casting workshop is now “officially” up & running as is the expanded retail shop area.

We will now be trying to raise stock levels of all of our resin-cast items that have gone out-of-stock whilst we had no casting facilities.

Sorry for any delays or disappointments during the 7-8 weeks that we have been out of action, but we hope it will be well worth it going forwards; with a vastly expanded casting capability which will see us expand into store distribution as well as tying in with a popular North-American distributor so that our products are more easily, and afford-ably, obtained in North America.

In the next couple of weeks we are taking on a casting-apprentice who, we hope, will increase our production capability to take full advantage of the new facilities.

As soon as Jed has caught up on current stocks he will be introducing a few new items prior to Christmas, including new 15mm sci-fi vehicles and a superb new 28mm sci-fi vehicle; the GTK.

Jed & Nadine