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Workshop move in September 2012

As some of  you will have noticed we have been struggling to cope with the volume of orders and casting for a few months now. We really need to take on full-time staff, particularly an apprentice to do castings, however our current premises are just too small for any expansion or training staff.

We have just heard from our Landlord that we can have the adjacent unit to us here on the business park, which allows us to knock-through from one unit to the other (we’re in an old brewery building rather than a modern industrial unit/park) and which means we can rather radically re-organise the store and casting area.

We will be completely dismantling the current casting area and moving it and all other “production” into the new unit/area and then expanding the old “shop front” into the vacant areas left by moving the casting equipment.
At the end of the move we will have a much (much) bigger casting facility with a couple of new giant pressure-tanks around 12/14 gallon each as well as allowing us to reorganise the general layout of the pressure pots, vac-chambers and so forth to improve efficiency. The two new pots will mean that we can move on to even larger models, so things like the 15mm drop-ships and similarly large models will be much easier to cast and overall it just allows us to keep adding new models, something which was becoming increasingly difficult as there was, quite literally, nowhere to store moulds!

In the meantime the retail area of the shop will be spruced-up and expanded so that Nadine has more room for stock and for packing orders.

Obviously which such a big change we do anticipate a significant degree of disruption during the couple of weeks of work the move will take though: its completely unavoidable as we cant be in two places at once! So please do get in important orders as early as possible, or wait until after the move is completed… keep an eye on the blog here for updates and firm dates for the move.