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About Antenociti’s Workshop

Wargaming is about much more than just the figures and with the advent of new materials and processes it has never been a better time to produce wargames scenery and terrain of the highest quality to match some of the fabulous figure ranges that exist on the market.

Antenociti’s Workshop™ was created to cater to the wargamer who wants that quality scenery, terrain materials and tools at affordable prices. Since 2005 we have built a catalogue of scenery and terrain building tools and materials that enable you to build fantasy, sci-fi and historical terrain, scenery and buildings to suit wargamer’s from all types of gaming. We only stock items that we have tried and tested ourselves and we are able to recommend and advise on all products through practical, personal experience: we use the same items that you see in the shop.

The Workshop itself has been producing commercial scenery for over 12 years and has extensive experience with a wide range of modelling materials and processes. We were amongst the very first to use 3D modelling and 3D printing and have over 6 years of experience taking 3d designs through the printing process, post-print clean-up and then into production in resin or metal in a variety of RTV or vulcanised moulds.

As we run every process within the Workshop we know exactly how to produce 3D designs that will print well and are able to be used directly for mould production. This practical experience has earned us a strong reputation for producing models that look just like the 3d art and renders – what you see is what you get!

We now provide a custom mould-making and casting service for resin, for commercial quantities up to 2000 of an item and have been involved with production for a number of high-profile Kickstarters where we have delivered very high numbers of items, within the given timeframe and at the very highest quality e.g. 131,000 items within 3 months for Mantic Games.

We are also now partnering with other companies to provide them with resin, mdf and metal scenery pieces to complement their figure ranges.

Our Motto: “Melding construction and art in miniature.”

Jed, Nadine and Ben