Archaica Schola

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Archaica Schola – A sci-fi wargames shop, Designed For Infinity. A 28mm scale building.

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Archaica Schola is a two-storey pre-painted MDF building, Designed For Infinity. The building has a unique shape, an L-shaped ground floor with a staircase leading to a longer upper floor. The upper floor overhangs the lower floor significantly on one side, with a large balcony on the other. The building has two unique features not found in other buildings: it has doors with sword patterns (gladius and falcata) cut into them, and there is a clear acrylic roof that is removable by sliding. It has a striking black and white colour scheme on the outside, with a red inside and detailing.

Archaica Schola has all the nice features that make a nice functioning building: removable floors and removable roof, hinged doors that are big enough for an S2 to pass through, and enough ledges and windows that can be hidden under.

Archaica Schola is a simple building, that is until you add the ‘Archaica Schola – Upgrade Pack’ to add interior and outside detail. To the lower floor, it adds shelves, a desk, a computer, posters, radiators, and advertisement screens downstairs. Upstairs it gets 2 gaming tables, posters, model display cabinets, radiators, and a patio bench. To both upper and lower, the Upgrade Pack adds advertisement screen to the outside of the building.

Archaica Schola measures 216mm x 187mm x 144mm and is made of pristine pre-painted MDF, clear acrylic and metallic pre-painted card.

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Weight 750 g
Dimensions 216 × 187 × 144 mm


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