25mm Centrum Crypt Bases

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Centrum Crypt 25mm Round Bases, Designed for Infinity



Vertically sided resin bases “Designed for Infinity” – Designed to fit a Spaceship or Hi-Tech Outpost style of flooring. Great for the new Nomad Tunguska Figures


Sculptor – Jed Norton

Painter – Tim Male


Note: These bases are compatible with our “Compass Bar” etch-brass base strips

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Weight 37 g

5 reviews for 25mm Centrum Crypt Bases

  1. tachikoma (verified owner)

    These are nice, low profile bases. I use them for Tunguska, but I’m sure the have utility elsewhere.

  2. m.l.perry (verified owner)

    Antenocitis’ bases are the best, good low profile with great detail! No where in the UK does bases as good as these!

  3. adam.pattenden (verified owner)

    I have used these for my Infinity Aleph miniatures. They are a perfect match for the style and size of these miniatures. The casting quality of Antenocitis Workshops’ product is second to non, I’ve always been super impressed with the quality of the product that comes through the door.

  4. bass20xx (verified owner)

    I’ve had AW bases before, and just like before these are amazingly high quality. The detail is incredibly sharp and precise, and the amount of cleanup needed to get them ready is incredibly minimal. Can’t recommend AW bases enough.

  5. morkai5 (verified owner)

    Nice bases and easy to work with. I use them for Tunguska and no regrets!

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